vineri, 29 aprilie 2016

I have found the most user friendly real estate virtual tour software

Having your own business means more that earning a lot of money or exploiting people (as a lot of people would suggest) - also does not mean that you got a lot of people that is actually providing value or money for you - in fact the most relevant fact that it happens is that you are very busy in organizing everyone, in tracking your performance, sells, ROI, optimizing all the processes in the company and getting a lot of nights without sleep.

In regards of this aspect I will give you an example related to how I managed to cut expenses with marketing department efforts, and also how I have improved the look to book ratio of the people that were visiting our properties. Basically - now I need less visits to actually sell a house or an apartment.

How did I did this?

Oh well... it was pretty simple - I simply looked for a software for real estate virtual tours, and I have found, which is in fact the best software that I have seen in terms of ease of use.

It is incredible how easy can be even for my veteran real estate agents to create those virtual tours with ease and how simple it is to promote those virtual tours as social media embeded listing, or as links sent through emails.

So... I am wondering how happend that from a team of 30 real estate agents interested in promoting this software, only I was able to think about creating virtual tours in order to improve our listing content, relevance and company image in the market.

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