joi, 25 august 2016

Cel mai bun taxi pentru transfer de la aeroport la Braila

In ziua de azi ne putem bucura de numeroase avantaje atunci cand dorim sa calatorim fie in tara, fie in strainatate. In primul rand sunt disponibile o multime de zboruri internationale, astfel ca orice vacanta este astazi mult mai accesibila, in timp ce preturile nu mai sunt atat de ridicate ca in trecut, in special daca biletele sunt rezervate din timp. Chiar si orasele din tara noastra sunt astazi mai apropiate unele de altele, astfel ca de la Iasi la Bucuresti nu mai trebuie sa calatorim 7 ore cu masina sau cu trenul, ci doar 50 de minute cu avionul, in timp ce preturile sunt similare.
Ai mana libera
Insa orasele care nu dispun de aeroport, precum Braila, pot fi mai apropiate fata de celelalte prin faptul ca firmele de inchirieri auto au introdus serviciu de transfer aeroport Braila, astfel ca poti fi preluat din orice aeroport al tarii si transportat catre Braila in cele mai bune conditii. Este suficient sa comunici firmei datele despre zbor, apoi sa astepti sa fii preluat. Pe aceasta cale te bucuri de multa flexibilitate, in special datorita faptului ca poti sa iti faci singur propriul traseu, dupa bunul plac. In plus, ai la dispozitie o sumedenie de masini din care sa alegi.
Diferite masini
Daca calatoresti alaturi de o singura persoana, este mai mult decat suficient un autoturism din clasa medie sau mica, in special pentru ca preturile sunt mai reduse. Insa cei care opteaza pentru transfer aeroport Braila au la dispozitie si autoturisme Mercedes E Klasse, astfel incat pot calatori in conditii optime alaturi de alte doua persoane. Mai mult decat atat, nu se pune problema de spatiu, fiind suficient si pentru calatori, dar si pentru bagaje. Soferii sunt foarte experimentati si au capacitatea de a face ca orice drum sa devina o adevarata placere, fara ca pasagerii sa simta oboseala.

duminică, 21 august 2016

It is massage in Bucharest popular?

Well... judging by the fact that the people in Bucharest really like to enjoy their lives you can be sure that massage in Bucharest is a very popular service - as there are a lot of freelance professionals or masseurs with studies of specialty.

Now... if we are going to also talk about the erotic massage in Bucharest, then we would certainly have a different story - as we don;t have all the know how in order to write very detailed about this practices, but what can I guarantee is that this practice is absolutely legal in Romania and it is practiced actually at several massage places, special buildings with all the necessary comfort and hygiene, with tranined dedicated personal that it can be quite professional.

But the purpose of this article is to talk about the normal massage, and not the one that would make young girls blush.

So, what kinds of massage and masseuses can there be found in Bucharest?
Oh well, the first thing that comes to my mind is again the massage related to the erotic practices or

Tantric massage, which I bet it can be very nice, but I am not very sure that my girlfriend would allow this. Now - to actually answer this question, I have to say that there are a lot of massages depending on the needs of the "patient" - as most muscles can be massaged we can say that there are a lot of therapeutically massage types, there are also a lot of relaxation massages, there are the kind of massages that involve only touch, but also there are some kind of massages that include other objects, warm/hot objects, there is the full body massage (but this can easily go in the erotic massage area) and there is of course the thai massage.

So... massage in Bucharest is in fact very popular, and I am not talking only about erotic massage, but about the other kind of massage as well.

vineri, 12 august 2016

What is the best virtual tour provider - and why?

When evaluating software solutions there are a tremendous amount of things that you need to follow in order to be absolutely sure that everything will go to plan, that all the things that you fallow are actually usefull from the perspective of a paying user, also from a business and scalabilyty perspective (if it is the case).

Also, regarding the necessity that the actual consumer will have that the software can be considered necessary, I have to say that it can be very hard to judge.

Now... in the last 2 weeks we had to evaluate a couple of virtaul tours software providers for a local real estate company that is selling a lot of apartments and expensive properties in Philadelphia. And as our client is in fact a very old, established company that operates in this city for more than 100 years, they have a somewhat... classic business approach, so they have decided to hire a software consulting company (those are us) in order to do all the necessary evaluations and things.

So, after we tested all the software solutions that we considered they qualify for an evaluation (and I have to be honest and say that there were more than 10 software service platforms that act as a SAAS) we decided to stop upon Tour Wizard, which brings the best value for a nice amount of money.

But more than having a good price and being the best virtual tour provider, Tour Wizard can also be a very good marketing tool, as it has all the necessary features that will allow, and also encourage the actual user to distribute the virtual tour in a couple of online advertisement mediums.

Also, the support and in fact the ease of use have been great selling points for this kind of software, which I am sure it was developed by a very agile software development company.

Great airport transfer in Bucharest

I am a real globetrotter, I have travelled on all the continents with a bearable climate (so I just excluded by default the frozen one, as it would have been too much for me to bare) and of course I traveled a lot in Africa because I enjoy the nature, I have visited all the nice parts of South America with the jungle, I have seen Piramids, the Amazon, the great Chinese Wall, Niagara Falls but nothing impressed me in the way the european culture impressed me in the last couple of months.

As I was on the steps of my genealogical tree I was found myself in a situation where I had to travel in the Eastern Europe a lot, since my family has its roots in the northern part of Transylvania, in an old city with great walls, where Christiality and the local population fought great wars against invading migrator people.

More than anything I was impressed with the fact that the lifestyle in Europe has its own way, but also in the people that really like to live high, even in the not so rich countries from the European Union.

As I landed in the Bucharest airport (as Transylvania is in Romania) I had to rent a car and really found the best way of getting a transfer airport Bucharest - it was a gorgeous Mercedes car, which is in fact by any standards some sort of a luxury car, with a very elegant driver and top notch services.

It was really a great thing to travel in Bucharest and Romania, as the food in this coutnry is really nice (in fact is the best place on the face of the world in regards of diversity for a certain price) as you feel you are paying a lot less than it should.

Anoway... my chaufer also drove throughout all Transylvania, which is also a nice place to visit.

marți, 9 august 2016

City break la Milano - capitala modei

Milano este cu adevarat un oras de vis. Fiind foarte usor sa ajungi aici din Romania pentru ca mai de pe toate aeroporturile tarii ai zbor direct, nu este de mirare de ce orasul este atat de aglomerat, iar romanii ii poti auzi si vedea la tot pasul. Noi am optat pentru un city break la Milano pentru ca ne doream sa vedem cu ochii nostri cum este sa traiesti pret de cateva zile, sa devii localnic, sa te integrezi. Pot spune ca oamenii sunt foarte primitori, iar auzind la tot pasul limba ta, iti da un sentiment de siguranta, pentru ca noi nu cunosteam italiana si ne gandeam ca ne va fi mai greu sa ne descurcam.
Imi pare rau ca nu am ales un hotel care sa fie mai aproape de piata mare, pentru ca acolo sunt concentrate cele mai multe locuri de vazut, iar pentru a ajunge aici noi trebuia sa apelam tot timpul la autobuz sau sa mergem pe jos orientandu-ne cu ajutorul gps-ului. Vremea in Italia este ideala pe tot parcursul anului, iernile sunt blande, iar verile calduroase, insa exista si luni de foc cand sunt resimtite temperaturi extreme, pe care noi le-am evitat totusi, fiind ca am mers in luna mai.

Recomand tututor sa isi pregateasca un buget cat mai mare pentru ca au ce sa viziteze si ce sa isi cumpere. Preturile nu sunt foarte ridicate, iar magazine bune gasesti la tot pasul, asa ca daca ai timp, poti chiar sa iti reinnoiesti garderoba cu usurinta. In plus, daca iti plac pastele si pizza, atunci un city break la Milano probabil ca e ideal si pentru tine. Mancarea specifica italiana este foarte gustoasa, asa ca am mancat cat de des am putut la restaurante, iar cand nu aveam cum, treceam pe la cate vreun magazin si ne cumparam tot ce aveam nevoie pentru o gustare.