duminică, 20 martie 2016

How to create virtual tours for your real estate company

Today I am going to talk not only about some very interesting ways of promoting your real estate content on a weblog, but also about optimizing your conversion rate, doing less travel with all the "precious" clients and having to deal with a lot less questions from the most curious ones.

And yes... it is about technology, new technology developed in the latest years by a very talented team of programmers from United Kingdom, that basically developed a tool (Tour Wizard) which can be used by anyone (and I really mean anyone who is able to use a computer or a smartphone - so no real technicalities needed) to create a gorgeous virtual tour of a house, of an appartment, of a store, and basically of any real estate property that needs a very realistic presentation.

Now... the most interesting aspect of creating and publishing a virtual tour on your website is not only that a company will be able to present her product in a much more professional manner that the company that only publishes a couple of pictures, but this also comes with: marketing and operational advantages.

From a marketng perspective things are very clear - as the product is presented in a very realistic way (so - if you are selling a nice house, everyone will be able to see the true awesomeness without a long trip).

And from an operational point of view, the number of people that are actually going to see that property before a purchase is going to be optimised.

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