vineri, 12 august 2016

Great airport transfer in Bucharest

I am a real globetrotter, I have travelled on all the continents with a bearable climate (so I just excluded by default the frozen one, as it would have been too much for me to bare) and of course I traveled a lot in Africa because I enjoy the nature, I have visited all the nice parts of South America with the jungle, I have seen Piramids, the Amazon, the great Chinese Wall, Niagara Falls but nothing impressed me in the way the european culture impressed me in the last couple of months.

As I was on the steps of my genealogical tree I was found myself in a situation where I had to travel in the Eastern Europe a lot, since my family has its roots in the northern part of Transylvania, in an old city with great walls, where Christiality and the local population fought great wars against invading migrator people.

More than anything I was impressed with the fact that the lifestyle in Europe has its own way, but also in the people that really like to live high, even in the not so rich countries from the European Union.

As I landed in the Bucharest airport (as Transylvania is in Romania) I had to rent a car and really found the best way of getting a transfer airport Bucharest - it was a gorgeous Mercedes car, which is in fact by any standards some sort of a luxury car, with a very elegant driver and top notch services.

It was really a great thing to travel in Bucharest and Romania, as the food in this coutnry is really nice (in fact is the best place on the face of the world in regards of diversity for a certain price) as you feel you are paying a lot less than it should.

Anoway... my chaufer also drove throughout all Transylvania, which is also a nice place to visit.

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