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It is massage in Bucharest popular?

Well... judging by the fact that the people in Bucharest really like to enjoy their lives you can be sure that massage in Bucharest is a very popular service - as there are a lot of freelance professionals or masseurs with studies of specialty.

Now... if we are going to also talk about the erotic massage in Bucharest, then we would certainly have a different story - as we don;t have all the know how in order to write very detailed about this practices, but what can I guarantee is that this practice is absolutely legal in Romania and it is practiced actually at several massage places, special buildings with all the necessary comfort and hygiene, with tranined dedicated personal that it can be quite professional.

But the purpose of this article is to talk about the normal massage, and not the one that would make young girls blush.

So, what kinds of massage and masseuses can there be found in Bucharest?
Oh well, the first thing that comes to my mind is again the massage related to the erotic practices or

Tantric massage, which I bet it can be very nice, but I am not very sure that my girlfriend would allow this. Now - to actually answer this question, I have to say that there are a lot of massages depending on the needs of the "patient" - as most muscles can be massaged we can say that there are a lot of therapeutically massage types, there are also a lot of relaxation massages, there are the kind of massages that involve only touch, but also there are some kind of massages that include other objects, warm/hot objects, there is the full body massage (but this can easily go in the erotic massage area) and there is of course the thai massage.

So... massage in Bucharest is in fact very popular, and I am not talking only about erotic massage, but about the other kind of massage as well.

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