vineri, 12 august 2016

What is the best virtual tour provider - and why?

When evaluating software solutions there are a tremendous amount of things that you need to follow in order to be absolutely sure that everything will go to plan, that all the things that you fallow are actually usefull from the perspective of a paying user, also from a business and scalabilyty perspective (if it is the case).

Also, regarding the necessity that the actual consumer will have that the software can be considered necessary, I have to say that it can be very hard to judge.

Now... in the last 2 weeks we had to evaluate a couple of virtaul tours software providers for a local real estate company that is selling a lot of apartments and expensive properties in Philadelphia. And as our client is in fact a very old, established company that operates in this city for more than 100 years, they have a somewhat... classic business approach, so they have decided to hire a software consulting company (those are us) in order to do all the necessary evaluations and things.

So, after we tested all the software solutions that we considered they qualify for an evaluation (and I have to be honest and say that there were more than 10 software service platforms that act as a SAAS) we decided to stop upon Tour Wizard, which brings the best value for a nice amount of money.

But more than having a good price and being the best virtual tour provider, Tour Wizard can also be a very good marketing tool, as it has all the necessary features that will allow, and also encourage the actual user to distribute the virtual tour in a couple of online advertisement mediums.

Also, the support and in fact the ease of use have been great selling points for this kind of software, which I am sure it was developed by a very agile software development company.

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